Microbes Do Not Discriminate

Millions of people watch what they eat, exercise ferociously, and yet they still get sick—obediently trusting corporations to bring them their nutrients. 

Evil does not always have the shape and form we are accustomed to viewing. Sometimes, evil is camouflaged with shiny medals or a silk suit. It’s the worst form of evil for these manipulators play God yet have no God except for themselves. When these sinister masters of the universe weaponize food and vaccines for the goal of population control, a disastrous ecological damage overtakes mankind.

It takes a brave young scientist giving his life to unveil the truth behind the madness which exposes the ugly reality: a generation of people laced with man-made toxins on prepackaged preservatives and conditioned to accept the electronic programming while being wired to the digital beehive.

Information overload and misdirection pin class against class in a concerted effort to hide this diabolical objective. A few seekers question the underlining tension that surrounds us all while the majority of trained masses obediently trust the watchmen and boot upon their necks.

The acceleration of genetically modified foods and rampant pollution finally takes its sickening toll on earth but what eventually arises is that the planet endures yet humans devolve.

Cause and effect is illuminated as opposing forces vie for control and attempt to subdue one another utilizing all methods at their disposal including insects which become the preferred method of delivering death around the globe. A heroic struggle of a family caught up in this apocalyptic journey is played out with a tumultuous yet satisfying ending.



Years of fighting wars and terrorists had made the citizenry a malleable population; one in which it was easy for the de facto electronic police state to manipulate and control.

Overstretched and swimming in debt, the Third World finally got their wish: no nation could evict the U.S.A. from their lands on their own, but the bugs and failed crops brought most of the troops back to Main Street.

“I think they have a world planned that includes people with money, power and what’s left will be a slave populace. They certainly don’t need millions or billions to be workers anymore.”

“Aren’t we locked up now hun? Living every day under a lie and programmed what to eat, who to watch, and where to live. It’s all one big prison.”